Clinical Counselling

Clinical counselling can help people improve or resolve mental difficulties that can detract from their ability to enjoy life and form and maintain healthy relationships with others. Emotions are central to the ability to enjoy life, yet are also involved in most forms of suffering, such as in feelings of depression, fear, anxiety, or feelings of low self-worth and self confidence. Emotions are also involved in substance use problems, and many people discover that taking alcohol or drugs to try and feel better is not a recipe for adaptive living. Emotions are involved in all motivation, and can affect your physical and financial health. Emotion can thus resemble a dilemma or a double-edged sword, without which one can not know the joys of life, but which also is involved in all forms of suffering. There are ways to address this apparent dilemma, and I can help you to find that path.

If you are ready to make a change in your life (or even considering doing so), and if you are interested in finding out how improving emotional self-regulation can be the key to improving and getting the most out of your life, call me and we can set up an assessment interview. I am a registered Canadian Certified Counsellor, hold a Masters degree in clinical counselling psychology, and have a wide range of therapeutic techniques that have been supported as effective by extensive research for a wide variety of mental and emotional problems. I’ve been helping individuals, couples, and families to improve their lives for over six years. I’m presently in the final stages of completing a doctorate of psychology (PsyD), with a research concentration in emotional self-regulation (ESR).

My therapeutic toolkit includes: Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Motivational interviewing, Brief solution-focused approaches, Family systems, and Clinical hypnosis. I will soon be adding EEG neurofeedback and transcranial direct current stimulation (dTCS) to the services I can offer.
I can help you with: depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship problems, trauma (PTSD, childhood, relationship-related, adjustment disorder, or of presently unknown origin), substance use problems, other forms of addiction, personality disorders, return to work, general improvements to abilities and enjoyment of life.

Call Barry Reiter, BA(psychology), MC, CCC, PsyD(c) (CCC reg #5745)

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